Niece Quotes and Sayings

Your birthday seems the perfect time,
To say a word or two,
About how nice it is to have
A Family Member just like you
It also is the perfect chance
To send this wish your way,
For all life's best and finest things,
Today and everyday.
Author Unknown

It's a wonderful feeling to have a niece like you
Because you are always so dear
You are so dear no matter the year
But all throughout each day of the year

There could hardly be a town in the South of England where you
could throw a brick without hitting the niece of a bishop.
George Orwell

Having you for a niece is not luck, it is a blessing.
Catherine Pulsifer

A niece is someone special that makes our family complete.
Author Unknown

My niece, When I count my blessings, I count you twice.
Author Unknown

My nieces and nephews make our family complete.
C Pulsifer

A niece is a like a daughter but she doesn't live with you.
Author Unknown

There are two types of nieces - one that is like family and one that is like a distant acquaitance.
C. Pulsifer

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Thinking of You,
My Niece

"My niece is a little girl
who can easily wrap me around her finger. "
Author Unknown

"You my niece are
special to me!"

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